About Edith

Edith was my Nan, and like all great Nan’s she was amazing. I would stand by her side and look up as beautiful fabrics would whirl and twirl above my head, then magically turn into beautiful ball gowns All 15 of us grandchildren would own a “Nan creation”, sewn, knitted or crocheted by Nan, using whatever she had in her legendary stash. As I grew older my Nan made my wedding dress, my eldest daughters christening gown, table cloths, knitting bags, the list goes on. All appearing out of hardly anything but my Nan’s imagination and fingers.

My little business is my passion, taking a piece of tired furniture and remaking it into something beautiful. Nan would have liked that. Calling my business Ediths Attic is my way of paying tribute to her and spreading about a little of Nans love.

Edith’s Great Granddaughters.


My Nan Edith and Granddad Ernie had 5 daughters and 1 son,  16 grandchildren, 29 great grandchildren and and so far 8 great great  grandchildren. !

My daughter Amy often helps me, you will find her making beautiful origami from recycled paper, sourcing products for me, sewing, selling at market or in the shop. A true family business.